We only ship to certain EU countries!!

We do not ship/export to addresses outside the EU and we do not supply customs documents and/or ship tax free outside the EU.
Also we do not refund VAT/MWST afterwards!

Pickup (customer arranged shipping) is always possible, but at the clients own risk.

  • We can read and write English.
  • Wir lesen und schreiben Deutsch.
  • "On ne parle pas francais" - No questions in French please!!! We can not read / answer... Bitte keine fragen im Französisch. Wir können nicht antworten. 


  • < 5 kg. = € 8,95 incl. BTW
  • < 23 kg. = €9,95 incl. BTW


  • < 5 kg. = € 9,65 inkl. MWST
  • < 23 kg. = € 11,95 inkl. MWST


  • < 23 kg. = € 19,95 incl. BTW/VAT/MWST


  • < 23 kg. = € 24,95 incl. BTW/VAT/MWST


  • < 23 kg = € 24,95 incl. BTW/VAT/MWST

UNITED KINGDOM (> 01-01-2021):

We no longer ship to the UK after it has left the EU single market.
The process of registering and obtaining a UK VAT number, providing export documents with the correct productcodes related to the item(s) ordered, and that for every shipment, is not cost effective for the few UK orders we receive.
Our apologies.

Other EU countries (> 01-07-2021):

Because of the new VAT/BTW rules, we have to charge a specific VAT percentage for every country, we  have decided not to ship to every EU country anymore. The amount of administrative work is only viable for certain countries that we ship to often.
Our apologies.

For larger (heavier) items, or delivery to EU countries not listed, or any other questions regarding shipping or pickup, please feel free to contact us.